MgO Dosky nahrádzajú: OSB dosky, Sadrokartónové dosky, Protipožiarne dosky, Cementovotrieskové dosky
MgO Dosky sú: Pružné a pevné, ohňovzdorné kategórie A1, ekologické, zvukovo izolačné, vode odoloné, mrazuvzdorné
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    MgO boards belong into a new category of technologically progressive building material that is rnade among structural systems for dry construction in interior and exterior.
    MgO boards are guarantying by their extraordinary fire safety, water resistance, great strength and shock (impact) resistance but also from the point of low costs for the construction of buildings.
    MgO boards completely replace all current more or less commonly applied building boards, like for example all types of plasterboards, OSB2/3, cement chip boards, fireproof, water resistant boards and other building boards.
    MgO boards have positive influence on health and safety of the users of construction and they prolong the service life of your investment.
    MgO boards are resistant from available and particularly of renewable environmentally friendly sources.
    This building material with valid Slovak and Czech certificates with has unique properties was introduced to the Slovak market by Steelsoft s.r.o. (Ltd.) company.

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